Wednesday, January 19, 2011

DIY: Homemade Piggy Bank

It was almost a year ago that my younger sister Heather called me excitedly to tell me she found "the perfect gift idea" for our sister Jenny's Christmas gift. Jenny has a MAMBO sized love for Toy Story and Heather came across a tutorial on how to make a Hamm Piggy Bank from a mayonnaise jar.

Combine Jenny's love for Toy Story and her large piggy bank collection and it was the perfect gift idea!

Heather and I spent two afternoons crafting this little guy. It was so much fun to do "undercover work" at Shauna's house while listening to old crooners like Frank and Bing sing Christmas songs. Aside from the spilled plaster water mishap...and the time when I accidentally pulled the tail off, our homemade bank turned out quite well!

To say the least, Jenny LOVED this gift Heather had banked (cue rimshot) on giving her for 11 months.

Isn't interesting that the best gifts are always the thoughtful ones?

Click here to view the entire step by step process to create your very own bank.

Jenny with her very awesome, personally crafted Hamm Piggy Bank

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